In addition to being a church pastor, I’ve always been an avid woodworker and carpenter. I began making custom wooden rocking horses because of my love for the process. Each horse takes about 50 hours to complete, so it is truly a work of art. I love the way the wood comes together and how stately the horses look when finished.

In every rocking horse there's a child, young or old, who has a dream. We want to encourage people to dream big, to count all people as equals, to live with a spirit of reckless generosity, and to understand you can never be away from God's presence.

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Wood Assembly

STEP #1: Wood Assembly

Each rocking horse begins with 40 pieces of plywood that are attached and sculpted together to form a rough shape.

Sanding the Wood

STEP #2: Sanding the Wood

Next, the wood is sanded down intensively until a detailed form emerges and the piece reaches its smooth desired finish.

Coloring and Finishing

STEP #3: Coloring & Finishing

Once the wooden form is fully smooth and established, a stain is applied to enhance the wood grain and give it any desired color.

Adding the Features

STEP #4: Adding the Features

Finally, the rocking horse is customized and accessorized with the features of the customer’s choice, including genuine horse hair, handmade leather saddles, and composite glass eyes. Saddle colors may vary some from pictures because they are crafted individually for each horse.


Each horse is customized with the option of using genuine horse hair imported from England and artisanal leather saddles from a local Amish leather worker. Here are some other ways I can customize your rocking horse to match your personal style and taste:


For just $40 more I will document the creation of your rocking horse and put together a customized photo album just for you!

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Personalized Photo Album


Barbara Olson Center of Hope

“The gift of this beautiful rocking horse most certainly helped the Barbara Olson Center of Hope surpass our fundraising goal.”
– Carm, Executive Director

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Rockton Volunteer Firemen’s Association

“The quality and craftsmanship that goes into each horse is unbeatable. We would encourage anyone to check out these one-of-a-kind handcrafted horses!”
– Rockton Firemen’s Association

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Illinois State Police

“The craftsmanship is beyond anything I have ever seen, in what will surely become a family heirloom! I could not be happier with mine.”
– Robert, Illinois State Trooper

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