Frequently Asked Questions

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Every horse is fashioned from high quality oak veneer plywood. Plywood is made up of the veneer, in this case oak, on the exterior with five plies inside that veneer. When the ponies are shaped, the inner plies are partially revealed, giving each horse a unique “texture” of shades.

Yes. The horses are built and assembled, then sanded to 220 grit sandpaper. The mane, tail, saddle, eyes, and stirrups are included, but not attached. I’m happy to talk with you about questions you might have when finishing yours.

If your horse is in stock, shipping can be arranged on the schedule of the shipping company, which is generally within 3 weeks. If your horse is not in stock, it can take up to a month to build, finish, and ship your pony.

If your pony is shipped it will be in a custom-made wood crate and delivered via freight truck to your address. Crates will be screwed together with Phillips and square-head screws, so have a screw gun available to you! The cost of the horse is determined by your location via an established nationwide shipping company, but has generally been about $400. Call for specifics on shipping costs to your destination.

Yes, horses can be painted a solid color, but you will have to supply the paint in order to be responsible for the color itself. We don’t dapple horses, but can give you a solid base coat for you to be creative on your own.